Ligatures are available in both elastromeric and wire/stainless steel.

Ligatures are available in bright vibrant colors that resist fading and are closely matched to RMO Energy Chain™.

Elastomeric Ligatures:

  • Elastomeric Rotation Wedges
  • Round and Square Elastomeric Elastic Tie Thread
  • Elastomeric Modules
  • Synergy® Oval Ligature

Additionally, the following variety of Ligatures & Separators are available:

  • “S” Shaped Dispenser
  • Mini Single Case Ligature Stick
  • Ligature Ringlets on Rings
  • Mini Stick Colored Ligature Kit
  • Separator Sticks
  • Cut Separators


  • Excellent stretch and rebound
  • Tear resistant design features rounded edges and a flat top
  • Ties provide a high resistance to staining, absorb very little water, and will not irritate the gingiva
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