RMO® is dedicated to developing synergistic product and service systems for improved self-image/orthodontic health. This process often involves exploring basic treatment options available during younger patient growth stages. For many years, the traditional approach to treating children was to wait until most permanent teeth were firmly established (typically early teens).

More recently however, several highly effective pediatric orthodontic treatment approaches have been developed. These ‘first phase’ or ‘early interceptive’ techniques (see “Frequently Asked Questions”) now make it possible for children to be completely treated at younger ages and develop through their early teens and later adult years with attractive, stable, healthy dentofacial functions.

The National Institute on Aging reports that a child born in 2003 has good odds of living to 100. To ensure a child’s maximum health through life, doctors recommend taking care of the key body systems at an early age.

The jaw system is a high priority. The essentials of life, the nutrients we eat and drink and the air we breathe, pass through our jaws. Our jaws also affect our speech, self-image, and social relationships. Making comprehensive dental care more widely available to children ages 3-12 can help today’s children live healthier and happier during their expected longer lives.

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