• Tough and tasteless, non-toxic, non-staining, more consistent force delivery
  • Easy-handling dispensing spools
  • Spacing variation between modules allows proper selection, retraction, ligating,
    maxillary/mandibular/interarch application, etc.
  • Available in clear, gray and an assortment of popular colors
  • Package of one spool contains seven feet, six inches (2.3m)


  • Superior quality, pure latex (contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions)
  • Precision cut provides consistent forces
  • Three types available: general purpose, cuspid-to-cuspid, and extra oral
  • Wide size selection permits precise degree of control
  • Packaged in illustrated zip-lock bags for dispensing convenience—(approx. 2,000 elastics)
  • Excellent resistance to fluid absorption

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