TAPE-RITE is very pleased to announce a new freezer-grade adhesive tape that is designed to work at very low temperatures. This cold-temperature tape can be applied at temperatures as low as -10 degrees Fahrenheit and it will keep on working as low as -65 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition this unique construction will work on damp paper surfaces.

It is a 100% silicone free construction that eliminates the high cost of silicone adhesives yet it will perform as good or better than they do at low temperatures.

This freezer-grade adhesive tape is designed for bonding papers, plastics and metals under the most extreme temperature conditions. This makes it perfect for freezer packaging, refrigeration components, super conducting apparatus and any other application requiring superior performance at low temperatures.

To learn more about it copy and past this link: https://www.taperite.com/product/freezer-grade-transfer-adhesive/

For a free sample please call 1-800-882-7348 or email sales@taperite.com

If you’re looking for tape that is heat resistant, check out our PG-21 High-Temp Masking Tape.


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