FLI® SL Brackets

FLI® SL Brackets bring innovative design to low-friction, passive self-ligation technology. The unique rotational clip design simplifies wire changes with no doors or hinges to improve clinical efficiency and minimize chair time. FLI® SL provides optimum control of light forces for healthy tooth movement with the treatment flexibility of a true twin design. Trusted strength in construction is combined with a smooth, rounded profile and beveled tie wings to offer maximize patient comfort.

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  • Smooth, rounded profile design, for enhanced patient comfort
  • Liberal tie-wing clearance for easy and secure ligation
  • Mushroom style hook for added patient comfort through minimized cheek irritation
  • True twin design for enhanced treatment flexibility and optional ligation for finishing
  • Torque-in-base for optimal slot alignment reduces guesswork and chairtime
  • Two-piece mesh pad construction provides consistent and predictable bonding
  • Flared arch slot for easy wire placement and insertion provides quicker wire changes
  • Rotational clip design provides reduced friction for improved sliding mechanics over traditional ligation
  • Clip locating notch and designed instrument tip simplifies clip activation – reduces guesswork
  • 17-4PH material; molded for high strength and rigidity

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