Synergy® R

RMO®’s SWLF (Straight Wire Low Friction) bracket represents the latest development in ConverTechnology: passive when you want it, total control when you need it. No clips, no doors, and no failures. SWLF Synergy® R combines the simplicity and ease of self-ligating bracket design with the flexibility and advanced performance of Synergy®’s Friction Selection Control (FSC) modes. SWLF Synergy® R provides minimal friction and rapid wire changeout, with cuspid and bicuspid brackets that can be converted into traditional Synergy® style brackets at any time during treatment. Clinically tested and proven effective, SWLF Synergy® R is designed, engineered, and manufactured with pride in the USA.


  • Molded Convertible Cap on Cuspid/Bicuspids - no moving parts/broken clips/doors/failures/unwanted conversions; consistent & predictable strength over brazed caps
  • Liberal Tie-Wing Clearance for easy & secure ligation
  • Low-profile Ball Style Hook for added patient comfort by minimizing cheek irritation
  • Torque-in-Base for optimal slot alignment; reduces guesswork & patient chair time
  • Center Scribe for precise/accurate bracket placement
  • Two-Piece Mesh Pad construction for consistent and predictable bonding
  • Flared Mesial-Distal Lead-ins - easy wire placement & insertion provides quicker wire changes; fluid movement and less binding of the wire
  • Permanent ID Markings for quick & easy identification; vertical midlines allow for accurate placement & positioning
  • Metal-Injection-Molded (MIM) - consistent tolerances and smooth, rounded corners
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